St. Alban Roe Parish Lenten Fish Fry

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoyed this year’s Fish Fry.

Star Fish Fry is no longer taking orders for the 2021 Lenten Season.

This was our first attempt at bringing St. Alban Roe Parish curbside Fish Fry. It has been a learning experience for us and for those who stayed with us after February 19, the succeeding fish fries were a great success. We will be back next year. In fact, stay tuned as we consider bringing you other takeout dining events in 2021. Happy Easter and God Bless you all.

Cod Filets
Butterfly Shrimp
French Fries
Cole Slaw
Macaroni & Cheese


Located off of Route 109 in Wildwood at the intersection of Shepard Road and 109 on the West Side.